Yahoo Data - Daily pull to .csv or .xls/.xlsx

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  1. Does anyone use a macro to pull yahoo data? I'm trying to pull some simple open/close data on Yahoo and I have a basket of about 50 stocks. I don't want to manually pull each day but as you can see below in the link, the format is pretty straight forward. I have a spreadsheet of my tickers that I build each day and I have a macro to build out each of the links. Has anyone used a simple macro to automate pulling & saving these files?


    http(space in brackets):// com left out intentionally)/table.csv?s=IBM&a=00&b=2&c=1962&d=10&e=2&f=2010&g=d&ignore=.csv
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  3. Yahoo! data have been known to contain misprints (unfiltered).

    Also, newly listed stocks might not "appear" on Yahoo! for some time.

    In fact, if you're in the business of serious trading, Yahoo! data is sh1t... Afterall, you ged wut you payd for...
  4. I realize this. Thanks.

    I have 3 years of nice, neat, good, clean tick data however I need some quick & dirty 15yr historicals on a giant basket of 800-2800 names. One or two misprints won't really make that much of a difference when the basket will be Indexed and 5, 10 & 15yr performance will be evaluated generally.
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