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  1. With the recent YHOO announcement, do you think it would be a calculated gamble to enter at the bottoming point? Say around 25.00? I was in at the last time they dissapointed a few weeks ago.. Is this another possible buying oppertunity?
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    there u go.. u got ur answer...
  3. YHOO is a piece of shit...
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    there u go.. u got ur answer...
  5. Bought at 25.15, sold at 25.90. Not bad for three hours worth of work. there is a lot of play within YHOO and EBAY. Just need to find the buy point and take a little risk. You get nothing for nothing.
  6. LOL, after today, I agree with you. I watched that stock all day long. On a good note, I called the top in aapl at 75.44 down to 74.66, but for some reason I chose to do nothing. Oh well.
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    Not in best shape, but for around $25 its worth the risk to see if it rallies a bit.
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    YHOO will probably go nowhere for the next 5 years...
  9. I played around with Yhoo and Ebay made a little and lost a little. In the end I broke even. With no true upside these are day trading swingers at best.

    Too much competition on the market for both now.
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    Yahoo's generated a lot of its earnings from selling investments in other companies. When you back out earnings from operations, you get Google-style valuations. Except Yahoo doesn't generate operating earnings growth remotely like Google's. Google's way overvalued - I can't see it generating half as much earnings as a Cisco, but its market cap is within 10% of Cisco's. Bottom line, Yahoo is even more overvalued than Google, and that's saying something.
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