Yahoo as Finance Manager

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  1. Has anyone here tried Yahoo's Finance Manager feature? This is where you link all your accounts and it calculates your net worth and you can do transfers, bill pay, etc. The only account it can't link of mine appears to be IB.

    It seems to be useful as a "one-glance" type manager to know all your finances. But is it safe? And does your info remain private? Or are they going to use your info to spam and ad you to death?

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  2. Why not use Quicken or Money?
  3. Too many features which I don't use. Eat up computer resources. Account data has to be downloaded. Too time intensive. I could go on.

    I just need a summary. Yahoo links all your accounts, you log in, see your net worth.

    But is it safe?
  4. probably yes (except during potential hacking attacks)

    probably yes (until Yahoo decides to sell subscriber lists)

    surely they would engage in some creative marketing
  5. DisciplinedHedg,

    Your talking about this...

    I use a few of their features in the past and didn't have any security issues...

    I stopped when my bank started offering similar features to me for free.

    As for the spamming issues...I have a close friend (executive) that works at Yahoo! marketing and I do know for fact that all those ads you see at Yahoo! (not the pop up ads...the regular animated ads like)...

    your going to get more targeted ads.

    Simply, your going to get more ads like insurance, brokerage et cetera instead of seeing an ad about the latest hot webcam.

    You will also be opting into receiving some junk mail (not a lot)...yet Yahoo! does have a feature that allows you to opt-out of such mail...they just don't advertise it and it's posted at some obscure link :cool:

    I used that feature (can't remember where the link for such is at) and opted-out...

    my junk mail in my inbox and bulk box reduced by about 50%.

    Therefore, I can only assume that the remaining junk mail were from other sites that had my email address.

    Note: I also got more (an increase about 2 weeks after I signed up) junk mail in the mail about banks, brokerage, insurance and my friend at Yahoo! did say that Yahoo! does give our mailing address to their partners.

    I never asked to stop receiving such info nor know how to opt-out of such.

    Yet, I didn't mind the stuff in the mail because a few of that stuff had some good offers.

    P.S. I don't know what your bank or money manager (real person and their company) is able to provide for free or a small fee...

    contact them to see what they got via a web-base may be surprised because I read somewhere in a business magazine that banks or financial institutions are starting to do what Yahoo! or the likes are doing via that Money Manager online web-based feature.

  6. Great info, much obliged. I'll continue to look into what you've mentioned.