Yahhhoooo Going Much Lower!!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by timvodas, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. timvodas


    I think YAHOO is going to go to like $15.00 within the next year...I use Yahoo all the time but their in your face ads and their news stories message boards are filled with lunatics with no moderation at all...and their stock message boards seem to be filled with spammers..if Yahoo didn't have free email, I don't know what they would do IMHO.

    I have only bought 1 stock so far that I plan to hold for a long time but I am thinking about buying "puts" on a stock to hopefully make money if it goes down and I think I will on YAHOO.

    What's your opinion on Yahooooooo??
  2. dinoman


    Nothing new on yahoo. It seems like ET applies to the same you described as Yahoo. Yahoo will go to 15 when the market drops 25%.

    IMHO... This is a very bad speculative call.

    Annoying adds and spam is apart of the net no matter where you go. What makes yahoo any different from everyone else.
    You get what you pay for!
  3. I find that Yahoo's product offerings beat Google in all categories, save for email. I use Yahoo finance, movies, image hosting and email on a daily basis. Yahoo Music Unlimited is the best product for DRM.

    IMO, buying now will be seen as an excellent entry.
  4. 11Blade


    I'm a big fan of gmail, I think google does beat yahoo in its core search business,

    the rest is a wash. I think Yahoo Finance is decent. Don't know anything about DRM and emusic.

    I don't think Yahoo is going anywhere, just have to make money "being second"
  5. xxxskier

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    i've held yhoo for so long.....finally get some love today.
  6. Yahoo has been a dog for the past four years
  7. Yahoo is in a long squeeze. Lots of people long and no real short interest. When this happens as a stock is moving lower, there's no fuel to squeeze from the lows, so it keeps going lower. It was upgraded today, and jumped a couple bucks, perfect opportunity to get a good short position.