Ya reckon the calvary will ride in

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  1. Rackon they will ride in the last hour, markets will be expecting it. What will Larry Kudlow say? when Larry says sell this may all be over.
  2. Nothing significant technically to work with until the Dow lows ~ 13100 or the 200MA and rising bottoms line ~ 12800.
  3. Or maybe Tonto will say "What you mean, we, paleface?"
  4. Maybe they give it a try in the last two minutes hahaha.
  5. hang on tight
  6. anything less than 300 is a victory for the bull, i tell ya
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    another stocktrad3r classic!

    Quote from NY_HOOD:

    in 2000 when stocks tanked,we'd get a few days of not stop bleeding followed by a few days up short covering that suckered everyone back in. then we would get days like yesterday and today with extreme volitility and bamm;more selling and new lows.

    the markets arent going lower..nope no way
  8. If your gonna quote me atleast learn how to use the VB quote code. It isn't that complicated. Instead you look like a tard who doesn't know how to use a computer.
  9. I don't think Frank is going to look like a "tard". That role has been taken. :)
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    Hmm, learning VB code vs. making money and not making dumbass incorrect predictions.

    Choices, choices.
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