Y is resinate allowed to close every thread that doesnt support extreme causes

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  1. Not only that, he deletes posts to protect his boy ZZZzzzzzzz.
    He recently closed a thread I started as well exposing a certain posters lies and false accusations attacking me personally. This after catching him in a lie and providing proof. Why is this allowed to continue? Who is policing the moderators from silencing those who disagree with them?
    Whoa, look at this, he just closed another as Im writing this! This is unreal.
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    You best stop complaining. He may also be working for the NSA!!!:eek:
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    Z is remedial. It's a good thing he has a daddy.
  4. Hey, try to show a little respect.

    I only participate in vast left wing conspiracies. :p
  5. Resinate, why didn't you just delete the truly racist and hateful posts from FredBloggs and a couple others on the Jews/Muslim Nobel thread instead of deleting the entire thread?

    If your standards for closing threads are based on disagreements that arise in the course of discussing them, then you are extremely lacking in objectivity.

    Virtually every thread ZZZZzzzzz starts is about divisive issues, is emotion-laden, and almost inevitably descends into ad hominem. Do you dispute that?

    If you do not, then your actions are clearly biased.

    Why aren't you deleting his threads?

    Let's call a spade a spade (whoops, hope that didn't offend anybody). If you're going to delete entire threads that are about hot issues when they become heated, at least try to have a tiny iota of objectivity and apply your standards to your favorite poster (child).

    Some here have stated that fascism now prevails in this country, which I think is ridiculous. But given your brand of "moderating," it clearly exists here on ET.
  6. You and Jz really give me too much credit. If the thread interests me and I am reading it, I may try to salvage it. When I open it, and see page after page of flaming amid little apparent content, I am likely to close it. End of story. Sorry.

    If I or another mod don't read it (we don't come close to reading everything) and nobody complains, the thread will remain- hypocrisy or not. I think my posting history is clear enough- if I have something to say, I post; I don't delete posts or close threads.

    Regarding Z, I'm sure he would attest to having many of his posts deleted and threads closed including some in response to your complaints happa. I have complaints from him too.....

    BTW, this is the thread under discussion: http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=62746 . It was closed, not deleted.
  7. res, first you say you closed the thread because you saw page after page of flaming.

    Then you say you "don't delete posts or close threads."

    Then you say the page was closed, not deleted, and then post a link to the thread wherein the last post is from you saying the thread is now closed.

    So you DO close threads.

    And as far as Zzzzz's threads or posts being deleted, the ratio of such occurences compared to opponents of Zzzzz's threads or posts being deleted or closed is heavily in his favor.

    C'mon, just admit it, you're partial to Zzzzzzz. You obviously allow his inflamatory, flame-filled threads to continue unabated, until he's been caught yet again contradicting himself or making a fool of himself in another manner. Then what do you do? Censor those who pointed out those contradictions!

    Very rarely do you censor Zzzzzz, and he is first and foremost among those who deserve censorship.

    This is obvious to anyone. Even Baron, I'm sure, but he has better things to do apparently then concern himself with a certain moderator's biases.

    Hey, it's Baron's site, so he can administer how he chooses.

    But spare us your transparent claims of objectivity, please.
  8. Spare me your clever editing and conspiracy theories.

    Of course I close threads and delete posts to enforce ET's rules- that is what they pay me the big bucks for. If I want to express my political bias, I post, not moderate.
  9. You might look into the autosurf industry for even better pay... if you can find the thread.:D
  10. Clever editing? Good grief, you wrote what you wrote, not I. Your sympathy to ZZzzzz is now reaching to the point where you argue as he does.

    Um, no.

    You post AND you "moderate," which, as it refers to you, means being heavily biased in what you do and do not "moderate."

    Very transparent...
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