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    I'm preparing to buy new hardware for my trading (new machine + 6 monitors) and was considering buying from a few of the hardware vendors I've seen at Trading Expos (XVIEW or TradingComputers.com).

    Has anyone had experience with either of these firms? Any feedback or suggestions would be welcome.

    I haven't seen much info on XVIEW recently here on ET, but it seems that the view of TradingComputers.com is that they are overpriced and that a Dell might give the same performance for a lower price. Has anyone had success custom ordering a 6 monitor system from Dell, without having to screw around with installing your own video cards, etc? Does Dell even offer quality video card options (not even sure what a good video card would be for trading, to tell you the truth)?
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    When our company was researching, we found xView to be a bit expensive and more importantly - John was giving us bad information about trading software vs processor speeds. And TC we found overclocks all their processors which according to everyone else including Intel - is not good for your system unless you want to buy a new system ever year or so.

    Anyway - we have purchased our QuadStations from NTI - they are great. Everyone there KNOWS exactly what the system can and will do. They dont skimp on any level. We have had a great relationship with Len and keep getting systems from him. The one thing we REALLY liked - the system is complete without tons of "options" - looking at some of the other companies, they charge for every little thing and by the time you added it all up - well lets just say we are still referring everyon to NTI.

    OH - and they do run some good specials... Tell Len that Sage sent you. We now have some 4,6, and 8 monitor systems. They also have a 12 system. Good Luck!! :)
  3. Who is NT1?

    XView is here in Austin and I do agree they ARE expensive.
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    Sorry - the subject did not show up in the post. NTI - www.QuadStations.com - Naples Technology
  5. EXCELLENT.......thanks! :cool:
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    Only someone with "very" little computing knowledge would agree with this statement.

    Using a superior CPU cooling heatsink and stock cpuvid voltage, safe reliable overclocks are incredibly straightforward and reliable.

    Real world ex: stock Intel cpu cooler on Intel E8400 Wolfdale @ stock 3.0Ghz frequency runs "3-5deg C warmer" than Tuniq Tower/Arctic Freezer 7 Pro heatsink cooling same chip @ 3.43Ghz.

    Thermal stress = processor lifespan. As long as you keep temps and voltage within safe operating ranges, lifespan is a non-issue. Intel's latest chips (Q's and i7's) overclock with astonishing ease.

    Pricing from all of these "trading computer" companies approaches rip-off pricing IMO. They're trying to scalp an easy target group. The average trader here who is not interested in building their own workstation is much better off going with HP/IBM/Dell type desktop for a fraction of cost and wipe the drives with clean O/S install. Traders that typically need significant horsepower usually already know how to piece together a workstation.

    Take the savings and put it toward a quality data feed/execution platform/ISP, where it really counts.
  7. Great advice. Truer words were never spoken. Hopefully those folks who are considering the purchase of a trading system from these vendors will reconsider and follow your advice. Putting together specs for a trading system and implementing them is not a black art, sorcery, or witchcraft. Its actually very easy. Far, far easier than trading this crack market :)

    There is plenty of good, simple advice not only in this forum, but all over the internet.
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    sageC, lmao. you think thats a good price? you spammer. funny how you signed up this month and every single one of your posts is about that site

    Heres the same configuration and the retail prices (can be cheaper in bundles):

    Super Quiet Case - (Antec Sonata III with 500 watt PSU) ~ 100-130
    Intel Core i7 Motherboard ~ 350
    Intel Core i7 Processor ~ 335
    PCI Express Graphics ~ 50-75 x3
    250G Hard Drive ~ 60
    + FRD Drive - dont know what that is
    3G triple channel DDR3 Memory ~ 100
    DVDRW Drive ~ 50
    Windows XP ~ 100
    Keyboard & Mouse ~ 50 - 150

    = 1300 to 1500 CDN (1130 - 1300 USD)

    those trading computer sites are such a rip. im not paying someone 3x the price to put it together for me

    and what you said about overclocking. what a joke.

    edit: or you can buy any of these that have 3 PCIe slots http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2032280010 1141845012&name=Intel Core i7 and add 2 extra videos

    edit: none of them have 3 slots. you can get quad cards instead though
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    Thanks for all the help and guidance, folks. Dude, I'm getting (another) Dell.
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