XTHN, PEIX Ethanol

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    The only pure ethanol plays on the market are PEIX and XTHN.

    They have been on a run.

    What do people know about their future.
  2. STKL (Interesting Ethanol Technology)
    ADM (Largest Ethanol Producer in US)
    GPRE (Devopemental Stage Ethanol Producer from Waste)
    CPO (A way to play corn price movements)
    ANDE (A way to play corn storage)
    HRID (Devopemental Stage Ethanol Producer from Waste)
    MGPI (Middle America Ethanol Play good Distribution)

    Just to add a few to your list of XTHN, PEIX

    Remember Ethanol distribution is KEY....You can't pipe it so you better have a river to barge it.....This is why I like MGPI best..!!!

    Hey BUSH just said the word hydrogen this weekend......QTWW, FCEL, MCEL, HYGS, ASRNF.ob, PFCE.ob, ARGY.ob

    Other Alternative (Other Green Friendly plays) ----MDTL, RTK, BLDP, CPST, GLW, GE, TWP, ESLR, DSTI, SPIR, BCON, STP, PLUG, ENER, SPWR, DESC, FNPR.ob, MMGW.ob, XSNX.ob

    Other Uranium Plays---CCJ, USU, USEG, URME.ob, URME.ob

    THE BEST OIL SANDS PLAY=====CWPC.ob (2200% Return so far)

    Other Energy Plays Worth Mentioning (NON OIL)---GVP, USEY, EPG, SSL, IHDRE.ob,

    COAL Plays worth mentioning---BTU, ACI, YZC, MEE, FDG, CNX, FCL, ANR, ARLP, JRCC, PVR, NCOC, BPG, NRP, ICO, WLB, KFX, HW, NRP, QMMG.ob, PVCMF.ob, CEIW.ob, CALB.pk


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  3. great post cost average man.
  4. me think peix'n'xthn good plays with fantastic r/r...buy 'em when beaten down and keep em forever, not easy to trade tho, intraday'n'long term alike.
  5. Kleiner


    Peix is up over 8% today!
  6. These are JBL recommendations.
  7. Did you see the performance today of most of these stocks.....I bought quite a few today from this list.....No OTC's...

    Did not have one loser!!!!!



    Remember how when he said ethanol what happened to this and many other alternative energy sectors ..... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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    XTHN has a lower cash on hand than I feel comfortable with at these prices.
  9. Kleiner


    You can say that again
  10. Most of these companies are just milking the alternative energy field. It's tough to separate the real companies from the bullshitters. Either way, valuations are extreme, just look at ESLR and SPWR.

    Noone mentioned MAG, best inverters on the market.

    BTW, ethanol is a scam, it is so heavily subisidized by the government that it makes no financial sense. The taxpayers are footing the bill while the big argricultural pigs get rich from it. Heavy environmental concerns from it also since the already depleted soil only gets worse.
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