XRX below 10

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hughb, May 7, 2010.

  1. hughb


    The Greek tragedy is providing a lot of bargains right now so I pulled out my shopping list and XRX looks good. I've been watching it for a while, the only note I have on it was that I noticed it in the WSJ stock tables back in early March when it made a new 52 week high. I was tape reading it on the screen today and bought it at 9.75, and literally about ten seconds later it was down to 9.61.

    It was friggin' Goldman, I know it was, they've always had it in for me.
  2. ptrjon


    After Hours: 10.04 +0.31 (3.19%)

    I think Monday things will open up nice and high once everybody gets the weekend to cool off. Good luck to you with the xrx
  3. hughb


    Last week Barron's did a story on XRX and gave it a little pop. It's nice to see that people still read Barron's and it still has influence after all these years. I remember the "Cramer effect" that would hit stocks when he would talk about them on his TV show or website, but his influence has died out over the last few years. I wonder though, if the people who decided to rush into XRX after the Barron's story got it from the website or the good old fashioned print edition like the old days.
  4. hughb


    Stopped out this morning at 10.70. Not too bad considering I've been getting a good dividend all this time, but I still expected more from it.