XRP scam?

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    I just got the following email, apparently from "Team Ripple". But the sender's email is:Team Ripple <noreply@invidia1973.com>. Could this be a scam to get wallet addresses?

    Subject: Economic rebound for the XRP Community planned for December 2020

    Our full financial commitment in moving forward together

    Beginning in November, Ripple is taking quick action towards financial recovery. With two major programs being launched, the Incentive Plan and the Community Support Program.

    The financial aftermath that is sweeping the global economy has slowed down financial progress, has forced corporations as well as small and medium enterprises through unimaginable hardship, and has compelled many businesses to rethink their game plan overnight.

    XRP owners are able to register by whitelisting their wallet address in preparation for the Incentive Plan. The first batches of XRP will be distributed starting November 2nd and will be focused on holders of XRP in personal wallets or exchanges.

    By registering for our new program, current users will be able to register and request their share of over 5 billion XRP that were until recently immovable and locked strictly for our corporate clients.

    Thank you,
    Team Ripple
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    data harvesting and selling data are very common.
    In fact, if you want to buy data, you can go and buy it.

    every day we receive hundreds of spam or scam messages through our computers and handphone.
    DOn't bother to analyze it.
    Simply delete/block it immediately.

    In many cases, they will ask for
    your email, password, bank account number etc etc.
    You can respond by keying in email as:

    Icannotbefooled@yahoo.com or
    youarealousyscammer@yahoo.com etc etc etc
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    Community Support Program, sounds woke to me

    are you saying woke is a scam ?
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    One way to find out. Why don't you get verified by say, bitstamp, send them some money or other cryptos, buy some XRP and then give your wallet address to these folks. Then see what happens. Here is the address in the email I got by clicking on their button:

    Just FYI, when I go to ripple.com they say, when I search for "scams", under
    "How to Spot XRP Giveaway Scams"

    Ripple does not participate, endorse or authorize any XRP giveaways.

    "We want to make it known that neither Ripple, nor any executive of our company, has offered—or ever will offer—free giveaways of digital assets. Any XRP giveaway is not endorsed by, affiliated with, maintained, authorized or sponsored by our company."
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    since xrp is itself a scam, is this a scam squared ?
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    As Riddick 2013 said :
    Instead of ending up at Furyah, i ended up some place called - not Furyah.

    It's a scam.
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    When the Winklevoss get sentenced for market manipulation, do they each have to serve the full sentence, or is it split in half ?