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  1. Your opinion on Xpresstrade for pit traded futures, please .

    Any other suggestion appreciated, pit trading via internet, ability to phone orders in as well, COMEX trading a must.
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    If you want to trade the pit, X is as good as any. They handle all order types with aplomb. For electronically traded contracts, use IB if you know what you are doing.
  3. Haven't had any problems either.
  4. Xpresstrade vs MAN vs Lind Waldock brokers?

    again this is for pit trading only, COMEX, NYBOT (via the internet)

    I would prefer if the firm was backed by a larger entity, Refco being out of the picture what is left besides Man and Lind Waldock? I don't think Xpresstrade is owned by either, correct me if I am wrong.
  5. I traded with them in the past and had a good experience. At the time they were an introducing broker for ADM but they are now an FCM but I saw no difference in the level of services offered.

    I always liked the ability to access so many global markets and I traded pit markets in Chicago and New York with just the usually pit market annoyances like delayed fills and no bid/ask.
  6. has anyone used both xpresstrade and man financial and care to comment on comparative execution speed and quality for comex, nymex and nybot contracts? Is there a clear choice for overall experience between these two firms?

    i'm coming from IB and generally used to snappy electronic fills, but looking for ability to hedge ecbot metals, access the other metals, nybot dollar index etc

    do they both offer seamless access to comex pit and electronic overnight sessions?
  7. I have been position trading with xpresstrade for about 6 months and they are the only broker I have ever used. There site is very user friendly and to use. The also carry tons of products to trade. Everytime I call I get some one on the within a couple minutes and they are very helpful. My complaints are that the commision is very high, I have never traded with any other broker but when I did some wheat trades a while back it would sometimes take 2- 5 minutes for me to get my confirmation and there was insane slippage. I am planning moving my account to open e cry because there commision is half as much as xpresstrade.
  8. Johnny,

    I couldn't get their commissions schedule online without sending a request.

    What are their commissions like?


  9. Johnny I also use xpresstrade for pit and foreign futures.

    I meant the commissions for opencry, you mention they are cheaper.

    Can you tell us how much cheaper ?

    Thanks ! :)
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