xporn star needs some advice guys

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  1. as a few of you know,i did adult movies back in the day..have'nt done one in over 6 years. here is my problem. i met a nice girl whom i really like so after our third date i fessed up and told her about my former career. she was a bit stunned but then kind of laughed and she claims it does'nt bother her. anyway,after 4 months she decides that she would like to see one of the movies i was in. no way !!!! she does not know my stage name so hopefully she cannot find it on the net. she will not let it go,she really wants to see it. should i show here one and maybe the novelty will wear off? i am worries what she will think when she see's some of the stuff the actors do in the movies i was in.
  2. Do you still have the moustache?
  3. Make one with her.....then show it to us!
  4. hehe I bet it was probably some gay movie, with leather and metal + that 1970s hat they wear.
  5. You must be young. "Back in the day" is 20+ years for me, not 6.
  6. any tips on how to hire pornstars for private shoots...
  7. Private 'shoots'. :D

    Presenting..... Faith No More

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  8. Like the legendary........ Super Mario?