XP SP3 is out and about. Reviews?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by stock777, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Anyone install yet and is it really 3X faster than SP2?
  2. This update also includes a small number of new functionalities, which do not significantly change customers’ experience with the operating system. This white paper summarizes what is new in Windows XP SP3.
  3. I think the 3X claim was for certain Office application functions, certainly not overall.

    I'll be doing a full format and installing SP3 integrated, just waiting for Firefox 3 to go final.
  4. Heard it will be available to the public within a week. The SD boys can get it now and so I guess there are sites where you could snag a copy.

  5. bespoke


    I've had it for about 3-4 months. Haven't noticed anything really. Don't use office much so I can't compare.

    One thing I know is the software for Intel motherboards won't work with SP3 yet. So you can't use the Intel Desktop Control Center where you can control fan speed and overclocking.
  6. I believe the claim was "10% faster", right? I saw a report on SP3 vs. SP2 on some gaming frame rates... some games were a frame or two faster, others a frame or two slower.
  7. GTS


    Yes, I've installed on several machines - no problems.

    No its not 3X faster and I haven't seen anyone claim that it would be, like Gnome said, 10% faster (at most).