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    I have noticed over these last few weeks that my PC is becoming very slow to shut down - like about 4-5 mins.

    Any idea why this may be? There isn't much on there.

    I am running XP home edition, All apps are closed when I click on Turn Off. It is also very slow if I try to restart the machine. I regularly scan for viruses, and keep the definitions up to date.

    Hardware - Dell with a P4.

    Thank you.

  2. I'm sure others here will have better ideas, but try running defrag.

    Programs/Accessories/SystemTools/Disk Defragmenter
  3. Your system may be waiting for one or more programs to shut down prior to killing explorer during the process. I would turn on your Task Manager and look at the processes sorted by CPU usage from high to low. I would then initiate a shutdown from there and look at what processes at the top of the list are taking a while. This will start you in the right direction in addition to running Search & Destroy, Adaware, etc.
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    Are you running any Norton Anti-Virus or Norton Internet security programs?

    If so, this is most likely causing your computer to slow down on shutdown.
  5. tech support's easist solution:

    reformat the hard drive
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    Skeptical - Yes I am running Norton. The thing is, I have always done so, but this issue has only started to occur over the last few weeks. (My machine is about 6 months old.)

    FuturesTrader71 - Thanks for the advise. I will do this. I did run SpywareDoctor a few days ago to see if that could be an issue. It is only a free copy, so will not remove what it finds - I can usually do this manually as it usually only finds cookies. However this time it found some stuff in the registry. It is a Trojan that apparently hijacks the home page, although my home page on start up seems fine. I am surprised Norton never got this one. May be this is the issue?

    How do I delete stuff from the registry?
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    I am also running Norton and I just recently am having the same problems as you. Look in your TaskManager to see if you have a program called "ccApp" running. If you do then I can pretty much guarantee you that this is causing the slow shutdown.

    When I shutdown my computer I have to manually 'End Process' of the ccApp program.

    Check out this link:


    Hope this helps
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    you need to do the spyware and adware remove ,and stop visit the xxx site not even the playboy site .
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    LOL - I think you got me red handed there! I thought it could have been that.

    Skeptical - thanks very much. I think I have seen this ccApp process.

    Looks like I need to stop being a piker and spend all of $30 on the software. I hoped Norton would have done this for me. I will take a look at that link. I hoped I could access the registry manually.
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