XP Service Pack 3?

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    Any recommendations for or against installing Service Pack 3 on my XP Pro based PC? It sounds pretty risky based on Microsoft's warnings. Best to wait another month or two? Thanks.
  2. Only obvious risk is to install on HP notebook with AMD CPU... otherwise expected to go smoothly. I've done a half-dozen computers.. others reported same with no trouble.
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    Sounds good, thanks.
  4. rollo2


    Made no difference to my PC.
  5. once i installed sp3, my computer crashed at least 3 times a day. i uninstalled it and the crashes still continue so im going to try and reinstall/repair with xp pro sp2

    before that, no probs. my bro who is a technician also said that a number of people have called him to check the problems of their computer after installing sp3. the easiest solution for them was to uninstall it.

    my spec:

    core 2 quad 2.4ghz
    2g drr2 ram
    256mb nvidia 8600gt
    xp pro
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    Had problems with XP Pro with Frontpage.
  7. JA_LDP


    Are you actually downloading it to every computer via windows update or are you putting it on a flash drive or cd and just copying it to each computer?

    if you download it through windows update, no blue screen. when you copy it from a flash drive then install it...blue screen. don't ask me why. there is even a fix for it on hp's website.
  8. The common problem that HP's with AMD CPU have been having is different from that.

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