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    Can I reinstall windows XP with some one elses CD. I have my own code, just not the CD. I heard this was possible, anyone know the answer to this?

  2. Probably yes, especially if the install CD is "retail"... maybe not, however, if OEM. Just have to try and see.
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    If the version of the software is identical to what you had. If you bought your computer from say dell or sony, or hp i would suggest ordering the original cds.
  4. I could very well be wrong on this... I think I've read that an OEM disk not specific to your arch may harm your hardware or firmware or something along those low-level lines.
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    No it wont. What computer do you have? Model and brand? It is just that the ones that come with the computer you purchase have specific drivers for your computer. The versions they sell in the stores are no different then the oem versions. It just that the oem version is discounted for people who are building new computers. Some sites require you to buy a hard drive with it, but the site i listed doesn't require that.
  6. Well I do know that my dell windows os OEMs work with any of my dell x86 P4 boxes. But I haven't tried installing it on any others. If what you're saying is so, I wonder if it will install OK on an old 750mhz AMD duron or old PIII-s I have.

    Not that it really matters cause even though I do have windows installed, I never boot it up anyway, but it's good to know just the same.
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    Yeah Dell Oems should work on similar dells. I know they dont give you recovery cds with computers they have a hard drive recovery system. My suggestion is to always request them and save them in a safe place. If your computer is a year or two old you can still get them by calling there technical support up.
  8. 1. I've tried to install my Dell OEM XP Pro on my eMachines, but it asked for the key. I tried all the keys I could find, but no dope. It installed OK, but warns I have to activate within 30 days.

    2. Have you used the same OEM install disk on more than one Dell computer AND had it accepted by Windows Update? (It's not *supposed* to work on more than one OEM mobo, but I've wondered whether it does...)
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    No you cant use a dell oem cd for an emachine. The cds of dell are coded to the bios, thats why they dont ask you for a key. So your best choice is see if you can get to emachines and pay a fee for recovery cds. They may or may not work between dell computers i have never tried installing different disks on other dell computers.
  10. I figured that, but wasted a couple of hours trying anyway.

    At eMachines, the reinstall disks are FREE! (Except for the $20 handling charge :D )
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