XP Pro' with IB ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by andy4, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. andy4


    Hi Everyone,

    just checking has anybody had any problems using XP Pro' with IB ?

    I had been looking at Win' 2000, but a computer guy told me that he felt XP was alot better than Win' 2000. Really makes no difference to me, costs about the same.

    Just wanted to check before I spend the bucks :-(

    Thanks, Andy

    P.S. Just as a add on, does anybody run two brokers software at once ?? For example I.B. and a PATS system (Advance Futures)? I'm thinking of trading a slower (1-3 trade a day) system and thought it might be interesting to see how different brokers work at filling orders, STOPs (IB ??) and so on, just using one contract to start of course :)
  2. peter77


    I had trouble with IB when I had XP Pro so I switched to 2000 and havn't had a problem since.

    An example of the type of problem I had was TWS would show a negative price for equities sometimes, so I phoned IB and they said 'switch to 2000'

    My machine is a Dell P4 1.7 gig 8200 series.

  3. Biomech


    I run IB and E-Signal, among other thing, on my dual monitor XP machine with no problems. The only problem I had was when I added the second Nvidia card, I had to download the very latest drivers or TWS wouldn't start.
  4. fleance


    I run IB TWS, QCharts, and CyberTrader on Windows XP (custom P4, 512 MB), and I don't have any problems.

    I also run it on Windows 2000 (dell laptop P3, 128 MB) with no problems.
  5. I run without problem eSignal, RealTick, IB on my multi-monitor XP config.
  6. No problems using XP with IB, CyberTrader & Metastock.

    The new XP interface and the stability and speed is great. Starting up my computer, although only a P2 350MHz is very much quicker than before. You should have lots of memory though, I have 320 MB.

    Take care.
  7. I use a P-I 66 MZ with 16 megs of rams and win 95 . I can not get my computer started so I no longer lose money . seems like the best combo for me.

    Serious - I use both XP pro and win 2000 on 2 different machines no problems with either.
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  9. andy4


    Hi Everyone,

    thank you all for you replys. I'm looking at 512MB so mem' should be fine.

    Thanks, again Andy