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  1. Assuming one has 2 identical machines (one for trading and one for back up) and can only find one copy of Windows XP pro, can one:

    1. Install the same XP pro on both machines ( and keep looking for that the original copy which is somewhere in the basement - somewhere being the operative word here).

    2. Will one be able to do windows updates on the second machine?

    3. What are the advantages/disadvantages of going that way?

    4. Would Microsoft be really upset if one were to complete such an operation?

    5. Should I just devote 1 contract and its 3 point profit to get the extra $150 and buy the damn OS. I have already wasted 2 hours looking for it and still ..... no cigar.

    After my disaster with OEC on Friday, I have decided to build a fence around my trading. Therefore, I am thinking of having a second back up system in case brokerage disaster strikes. I already have one system which consists of a laptop + a desktop, and the second system will include 2 PCs. Both systems will be used exclusively for trading. Both will have my charting software and access to 2 different accounts with different brokers naturally.
  2. My understanding is that the way XP is registered you cannot have the same XP serial number on systems at once. Microsoft monitors this during updates and you'll have problems.

    If you're really savey, you might run the second system on Linux (free OS) if you have a backup broker that has a Linux ready solution (IB is one such broker).

    This also protects you in case of a major Microsoft goof.
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    Presuming your first machine failed (not the fault of the HD), I've thought that in a pinch you could take the HD out of the one that failed and use it in the other... don't know about updating on the 2nd machine, though.

    If you have a retail version of XP, you can discontinue use on one and use it on the other.... that's not the case [supposedly] with OEM versions of XP.
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  5. 1. Yes you can install it. No problem with getting it on the PC.

    2. No. Because if you attempt to do any Windows Updates, it will attempt to validate the install. It won't work. Well, actually, it might if the two PC's are IDENTICAL in all aspects, but I think MS even looks at the processor's serial number (not sure anymore) and thus, the two machines won't be exact, and the second machine vailidation will fail.

    3. One should always have a backup machine to their primary machine. But you can't cheap it out and expect one license of XP Pro to cover more than one machine.

    4. Well technically, you are stealing another copy of XP by attempting to install and activate it on a different PC. That EULA clearly states that one copy = one machine only.

    5. Yes, just buy another XP Pro copy. It's easier to just comply than to try to end run around the EULA.
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    If you bought the machine from one of the big suppliers like Dell look for a microsoft sticker on the PC. This will have the product key for Windows for that machine. Even though it was used when you first got the computer it should still work for a re-install. If the computers are identical the one Windows CD you have will work, just use the machine's unique product key when installing.
  7. I probably have at least 3 dell Xp Pro disc that came with computers that have been discarded a while ago. One from HP and one from Acer. So there has been no lack of business going to Microsoft from my neck of the woods. I guess being cheap in this situation is not the best way to go. Thanx for all the answers!

    Happy Trading!