XP of Win 2000 which is best?

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    I am getting a lot of great feedback about the new computer I want to get. What I really need to know now is which operating system do you think is best for trading? I have had very mixed reviews about both. Thanks everyone.
  2. 2000 hands down.
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    I agree, 2000 without a doubt:)
  4. I disagree. I think XP is better once you get rid of the kindergarten looking interface. The XP Pro kernel is the same architecture as 2000 (only more up to date) but the interface is a hell of a lot snappier. You also have a smaller footprint and the ability to do user switching which I find valuable.

    I will say this though, both are good operating systems and I've heard people complain that they can't run x application in 2000 or they can't run y application in XP. So I will say this, if 2000 runs your app better than XP, go w/ 2K. Same is true for the inverse.
  5. XP has a better user interface. It implements multiple users better and has built-in file encryption. XP moves most commonly used items from the desktop and puts them in the start button, so your desktop is much cleaner.

    The only reason not to get XP is if you have old hardware which might not be able to use the built in XP drivers or does not yet have an XP driver available. Something unusual like a quad video card that you still want to use would be worth checking out. XP has many drivers built-in and should be able to work with most standard hardware, new or used.

    But for a new computer you should get XP. Any software which is actively supported is probably able to run under XP by now (stuff like eSignal etc...).
  6. I'm using win XP, non-Pro
    no problems

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    For a client computer XP is fine: Just make sure that any hardware you are using has xp-compatible drivers.

    XP uses an updated 2000 kernel with additional modules. Thus it has some useful features. However, nearly everything that XP can do can be done with 2000 currently. One of Xp's annoying features is its new licensing.

    The upgrade of Windows 2000 servers will be the .Net servers and they will probably feature the new licensing options as well - in some form: This has been discussed in the press.

    However, MS has a tougher row to hoe with upgrading servers: Windows 2000 server is very stable and very secure- if properly configured. If you dont depend upon needing upgrades of MS server products like SQL Server or Exchange Server then the upgrade may not be a pressing issue ....
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    Get the 2000 pro edition. Thats the way to go right now. XP will be there in another 6 months to a year once they iron all the bugs out.:cool:
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    Definitely 2000

    I don't know of much that XP offers that makes it worth it.

    I work with a lot of traders. And I know of people that have had problems with XP where they have not had problems with 2000.

    I'd go for the "proven" product of 2000. Maybe in a year or so it might be worthwhile.

    Depending on where you get XP, you might get a version that doesn't have adequate drivers or Java and then you have to upgrade which is annoying. Also, not all manufacturers have a full compliment of XP drivers and if you have an older product you like, they may not even be writing new drivers.
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    2000 end of discussion
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