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  1. I did a clean reinstall of xp and it was suppose to delete all files and put in a new xp . Now when i start the computer it gives a choice of 2 xp ( one being the new one and the second with all the old stuff) Its all on c drive . Any one have any suggestions on how to get rid of old stuff and previous xp) I tried to format but its all on C? Help
  2. do you have a 31/2 floppy drive?
  3. It sounds like you simply installed a new version of XP to a new directory. All you have to do is redo the install and in the process delete all the partitions and redo them. If you don't format the drive as a part of the process, then you don't have a clean install.

    Make sure you backup all of your valuable files before you go through this process.
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  5. And the most important thing: make a disc image after you have done a clean install.
    So in futur you will not have to install it again, but you can restore the initial image. This should be done at least once a year to keep your PC speedy.
  6. before installation you should format the partition you are installing on. you can do this through windows' setup, which should be run directly from the cd-rom (you should config your bios to boot from the CD).

    i don't support the idea of making an image, since it will contain older versions of the software you are using. unless you image only the xp installation before you install any additional software. but in that case you will save very little work, since the installation on a fast computer takes less than 30 minutes, 25 of which you can simply walk away and let the setup work.