XoomTrade- New Direx Platinum Version 6.3

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by XoomSupport, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. October 17, 2003

    Dear ET Members

    We are excited to announce that the newest version of our Direx Platinum trading platform is now available for immediate download on our website, www.xoomtrade.com

    We want to thank all ET members who downloaded our free trial and gave there input and suggestions on improvements for the software. Your feedback is always appreciated.

    Some of the improvements include:
    -- Level two box can now be reduced in height to only show order entry panel of the specific level two box.
    -- When changing the font of a level two box, the shares advertised by market participants will support new font size.
    -- When bidding on stock, the price in the order entry panel now defaults to the current best bid. When offering, the same change was made.
    -- Quote board now supports multiple quote sheets.

    Order entry upgrades include the ability to submit U-turns orders. You can now submit a buy order large enough to cover the short, and open a long position. For example, if the position is a short of 1000 shares of stock XYZ, and want to be long 500 shares, then submit an order to buy 1500 shares of stock. Also, the order entry window retains last TIF state when changing from security to security. Set a specific TIF for a stock, and change the symbol of stock, or change the routing of order from once ECN to another, SOES, or NYSE.

    New Hot Keys include the ‘Extreme window’ hot key now that hides and shows windows instead of opening new extreme windows.

    BULLET TRADING :It is now possible to buy a bullet and place a sell with a single keystroke.

    Finally, Orders can now be Cancel/Replace. To set this up, go to order cancels under hot key manager, and assign a hot key for the command. Once hot key is set, and order is live, then hit hot key, and dialogue box will appear to change quantity & price. Current order will cancel, and new order will exist with the TIF as the same as the TIF for original order. Still have the ability to cancel new order.

    For your convenience, all these new features are now viewable under the help menu on the software, and on our website at www.XoomTrade.com.

    Best Regards,

    Xoomtrade Customer Support
    1.866.68.DIREX (from anywhere in the U.S.)
    1.407.352.6780 (International Callers)
    1.407.352.3533. Fax
    e-mail: support@xoomtrade.com
  2. kowboy


    I have downloaded 6.0 The main problem I see is that there are at least 2 inches on top of the screen that are usesless wasted space with the heading bar. Especially for multiple monitors. I want to use all the available space possible. You should undock the header (control box) and let it be floatable or movable in its own box. The l2 should be able to be shrunk in width too.
    The user should also be able to undock all of the seperate windows more easily and move them around. For an example have you ever looked at protrader GR8? They let you undock all windows and link easily what you want and size all window and charts.

    I do like the new charts on Platinum and basically like the platform. The charts are great.
  3. Yes, charting is nice, but when a long candle spike forms, that
    chart become squashed, and make it difficult to see what
    action candle taking. (there is no spike removal).

    I talked to support and they said that planing on solveing this problem.
  4. hans130


    You have the ability to dock and undock all of the tool bars at the top of the platform. You also have the ability to customize the toolbar, you can edit/remove or create your own toolbar. You also have the ability to size the tool bar icons to create additional space.