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  1. Anyone made the switch from RT to XOOM? After looking at all the options for replacing RT, XOOM appears to be the best combination of expense and functionality, but I'm wondering about the charting. Do you need an add-on charting app? Any other significant minuses?

    I like RT but I also like the idea of saving maybe $500 a month.
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    what features do u need in charting?
  3. 1. Clean, reliable charts with easy to use set up features.

    2. Efficiently designed to maximize use of screen real estate.

    3. Ability to link to Level II window and stock lists, so I can click on a ticker in the list and have the Lev II and chart display that ticker.

    4. Several weeks intraday historical and a couple of years EOD historical data.

    5. Ability to create a default layout so I can easily create additional charts on different pages.

    6. Better time scaling than RT.

    7. As for indicators, mainly MA's, bollingers and some oscillators like MACD, CCI etc. Huge number of indicators adds nothing for me.

    8. RT's best feature is the auto drawn pivot lines. Otherwise QCharts has a near ideal charting app.

    9. Ability to create as many charts as I want in a workspace. This might mean 20 charts open at once.
  4. AAAintheBeltway,

    sounds like QuoteTracker can fit the bill for you. As of 2 weeks ago, QuoteTracker supports XoomTrade data and integrated trading and is free (fully registered) to XoomTrade Platinum clients who login for trading through QT.

    These are the points I though I should comment on. The others are not a problem:

    4) Live intraday charts can handle up to 5 days of data. Historical charts are max 20 days intraday and years of EOD data.

    5) QT remembers the layout as you left it from previous sessions and remembers various other window positions on a per symbol basis.

    8) Pivots were just added in the latest beta versions of QT

    And of course the support you will get is better than most other companies :)

    Jerry Medved


  5. rt is a good product but not worth the $$$ compared to xoom...been talking to xoom as well about charting but these guys are on the ball and will configure almost anything you need.
  6. I have been trading with Xoom almost five monthes now.
    I don't use their charting and level II. I use Esignal now
    and use medved Quotetracker (paid also) for differnet use
    somtimes only.

    Xoomtrade level II, T&S and charting lages or freezes
    when market gets heavy (i compared hundreds of time
    with Esignal and noticed these). when candlesticks produce
    a long spike down/up and chart become shrinked (contracted)
    and hard to see anything.
    One word of advice: if you don't want to get fxxked up,
    don't rely on xoom charting. But i did and paid for my mistake.

    Btw customer service are fast enough to reply any question
    but they aren't knowledgeable. I had sent them several
    question in regard to thier platforms features via email
    and i never recieved the reply and called them, they said
    the right person for this is not available right now, they
    never called back again, and won't blame them becuase
    they didn't know it.
    the phone.

    Overall this is a good firm for fast excution and good fees.
    But don't expect any other benifit like charting and 3rd party
    software support like you do with interactive brokers.

    Check my rating on them, but since then my views have
    changed little bit about this firm

  7. figure (configure) out anything :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  8. If you can't 'figure' it out...i won't bother telling you....you have complained before about their quotes freezing but if i recall you trade on a regular dial up
  9. First i never trade on dial up even when i relocate. Secondly those traders who are using esignal and direx platinum both, know exactly who's right.:p

    Even Xoom won't recommand you to us their quote and charting
    alone only, that's why they recommand Qchart, Neovest

  10. If you say so....Im sure you know more then me....:D
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