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  1. tomorrow and there's a good chance that investors will not be happy with the "news".

    The Street is looking for $1.45

    The stock was removed from Goldman's "Buy" list today in an effort to prepare for higher beta names for an eventual turn in the petroleum cycle.
  2. S2007S


    $55 dollar target.

    And I will lower that once again probably tomorrow after earnings are released.

    This stock has YET to price in $35-$50 oil, if XOM pops tomorrow short away my friends, this stock is headed DOWN DOWN DOWN.

    SELL recommendations on XOM and CVX.
  3. kxvid


    I bet XOM drags down stocks tomorrow. Ugly GDP #'s + XOM earnings + ??? bad news = -500pts.
  4. +200 on the Dow after the Obama team announces more bailouts
  5. S2007S


    XOM might just barely make earnings, if they beat and the stock advances I would be shorting the F$%K out of it because this stock is headed DOWN DOWN DOWN....

    IFFFF the GDP does come in at -6 or -7% and XOM fails, were looking at a definite close below 8000 tomorrow.
  6. S2007S



    I know your being sarcastic, this "stimulus" plan isnt going to stimulate a damn thing. Anyone hoping for this to turn the economy around should just sit back because its going to be a LONG LONG time before this economy turns.

    DOW 7000 is COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. tradersboredom

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    market is going to party like this for along time..like this.

  8. S2007S


    Remember once the dow breaks november 21st lows say hello to DOW 7000 and s&p 700.
  9. Illum


    Only thing being stimulated is food stamps and Communism. This thing is held up on hope, fear is coming.

    Edit -- been short since Barrons gave it a false bump. GDP is wind in our sails. Doomed, last one out is the sucker. Oil longs are fried in every instrument they were suckered into. How much they lose is on them, but it is gonna be ugly
  10. tradersboredom

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    market is already dead. totally dead in some stocks. they can't even give stocks away.

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