Xmas rally is just starting

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  1. I will keep it simple. The market is mostly consolidating and there is not the king of uniform and consistent movement down I would like to see for short trades. Last week at key areas prices could not break old lows ( at least on what I watch) . If many stocks can close today or tomorrow above Fridays trade range I would be alot more bullish. I just wanted to do a thread like this, please be nice to me..
  2. I second that. Once the highs you mentioned are broken, we might be really up to something.

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    Who cares? If there were one, I think the purpose of the ralley is to suck everyone in and change people's view from bearish to bullish. I think a lot of people must have already changed their views on the market. More people start to think just like what you do, sooner the market is gonna fall. Personal view, no offence. My standard is that unless SPY500 could break a new height over the top of the height of 2nd May 2011, I still remain bearish. And if that situation happened, then it would definitely not be accidential and the market would have been twisted and minupulated, the us market is no longer a free market any more and I will never trade in the market again.
  4. One whole day has passed and we are still looking at the very same picture. Same sh*t, different day.

  5. todays rally was easy to spot as they sold hard into the close yet.
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    Today is still another short-squeezing day?
    I am not fear of it because I can sustain 10000 pips of opposite movements of SPY.
    So bring it on! Baby, bring it on!
    You better lift SPX to more than 10000!
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    The rally is over? What are you thinking? How girly you are!
    This can't be the end of it? Bring it on, Baby! Bring it on!
  8. boxing day let down coming up ........

    puke em out.


  9. Such a ridiculous theory that every upward move on markets is "short squeezing". 95% of the time its not. Institutional investors have to buy sometime, and some people just want to own a company or two longer term. Equities are ownership in companies. Many companies are profitable and good long term holds, decent yield on some stocks is a factor as well in a low interest paying environment.

    Could you present some evidance that short positions overall reduced in size today ? On what basis are you claiming this ? If its NOT a "short squeezing" day, how would you know ? When was the last rally day that was NOT short squeezing to you ?
  10. Stop stating your unsubstantiated opinion as fact. F*ck, it was cause for celebration when you left. Evidence, you illiterate.
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