Xmas Rally Has Finished.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by GrandSupercycle, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. That's it folks.
    When there are no more shorts to burn we know what happens don't we ?
    Feel free to continue to scapegoat me for the market gyrations.
    Last Dow cash 12,019
  2. Equity bull vs bear battle reverts to bearish bias after price action on Friday and more downside expected next week.
  3. One grand problem, supercycle:

    That rally had nothing to do with Christmas.
  4. If we all can resist not to response/ reply to any of the thread from the small bicycle , he will gone eventually.

    This is my last response to this thread :D
  5. How many threads do we have like this? Very annoying keep trying to predict what's coming next, its probably someone holding 100 shares of x stock and trying to get other people's opinion in order to feel better.

    ET used to be a nice place where people had meaninful discussions, now we get this - pls close this stupid thread.
  6. Lucrum


    :D LOL :D
  7. More like a nice place to find the next pump and dump, and when stocks did nothing but go up people didn't have as much animosity towards each other.

    Now the market's going one way, down. We're at overbought in my pairs system and at another lower high and in a bear trend for my trend follow systems. Both say overvalued right now, and if you aren't taking profits here, never mind being aggressive enough to go short, then you're a fool. A pig. And, oink, oink, I bet the market will rally another 1,000 points next week so be careful if you're short. Yeah, right!

    I'm short NQ and long SQQQ.

  8. I'm shorting a DOW CFD through FXCM. us30. So far it is costing me $150. Do I really have to suffer another $1000???
  9. Just like the other felow who started this stupid thread you are trying to predict the market, nobody can, look at the hedge funds results for this year, they have a lot of smart people and none of them hang out at ET ( I can guarantee you ).

    Also look at other replies on this thread, one felow is down 250 bucks and worried about being down 1,000 - is it really worth even having a market direction discussion to make or lose 1,000 - seriously! You will likely be better of getting an extra job for 20 bucks/hour.

    Anyway, its about time that people stop predicting direction, all teories have now failed (Dow is a joke), EW another joke, Lunar, Mesa, bla bla bla, just focus on what's happening TODAY and make your money.
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