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    Hello to all!

    Have anyone took one of XLT(extended learning track) @ Online trading academy?
    May be i will take FX XLT because i would like to learn method which Sam Seiden is using/teaching.Trading based on supply and demand...Any experience whit his classes?
    Thanx In advance!
  2. Sam is the real deal, not like 99% of the so called traders who are selling us something out there. It is expensive to join XLT, but than it is more expensive in time and money to struggle with trading on your own or with someone who doesn't have a very consistent trading method that you paid for. I have gone from barely keeping my head above water to feeling confident with every trade I put on. My biggest problem was unlearning all the old bad habits of trading that I have acquired over the years and having faith in following what Sam teaches though the XLT program.

    For awhile the only downside to Online Trading Academy was that they had Sam doing to much. When I first signed up he just taught the Futures XLT, than there was a few XLT instructors who left and Sam was helping run all 4 of the XLT programs (Futures, Momentum Intraday Trading (MIT), Forex and Broad Market Analysis). And for a while that was frustrating as we got other instructors who had their own style of trading. But things have gotten a lot better the last couple of months as Sam seems to be back mainly doing Futures and MIT and Brandon Wendell is doing Broad Market Analysis (he is excellent too). Forex is being run by Steve Misic, who had Sam as his mentor and Steve does a great job using Sam's methods along with incorporating some of his own. Michelle is a newer instructor to XLT and she does MIT and Futures and does a great job also and you can tell Sam has influenced her trading. The instructors are very tight bunch and they go over with each other the days market before the XLT classes.

    Lately when I go into one of the XLT rooms there are usually more than one of the instructors in there. Sam if he is not heading the room for the day is in there chatting with students and helping clarify what we are looking at. All the instructors (Sam, Brandon, Steve, Michelle and others) really seem committed to helping out XLT members and will answer any of our emails that we send and they encourage to send them our good and bad trades, our trading plans, etc. and will respond to anything we need to change or look at.

    I have been a member here for awhile and don't post. I use this site to find information on trading and I understand that there are tons of bad trading program/supposed guru's out there. Do your due diligence, but if you really want to learn how to trade and you haven't had much luck on your own or with all those supposed great trading systems out there spend the time checking out OTA and the XLT programs (check out there newsletter under home Study on their website). They are expensive as I mentioned earlier, but so is losing and going from one method to the next. It isn't easy but what is that has potential for great rewards?
  3. I took the OTA 7-day "Pro Traders" class twice. I opted not to go with their XLT program.

    From what I had seen (through their "Hour With The Pro" weekly program): with their XLT mentorship program, yes they give you individual attention and go through individual mentoring with you (instead of group teaching)... but... it is more moding you to their way of trading and methodology, not so much of the way you like to trade and your methodology.

    Probably because... the way you like to trade or your methodology is not making money. Right? Or else you don't need to take a training class from them.

    But... the OTA's way of trading and methodology... from what I had seen... scan and scan and scan the S&P 500 component stocks for trading opportunity each day. No kidding. According to their XLT head instructor (or maybe ex-instructor) Rob McNabb... you click through those 500 symbols to look for tradable patterns... each and everyday??? Every hour of the day??? And if there is an "opportunity", you bet a few thousand shares, for a 10-20 cent move... get a $200/$300 trade (hopefully) here and there???

    I don't know... just not my cup of tea. I only want to trade the same set of stocks (only very few) everyday, day-in day-out. I want to trade them well. And not try to date a different "hot lady" everyday. I told one of the instructors that I want to trade AAPL. They said: Boli... don't trade AAPL. It's moving too fast for you. You can't handle it. Trade something like INTC (a dog). LOL!

    I think if you don't have a successful methodology and you want to model yourself after one, you can try their XLT program. But if you already want to trade a specific way - your way... their XLT program may just steer you to trade their way. I may be totally off. But I don't intend to spend $7k of my cash to find out.

    Good luck!
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    Personally, I was in the xlt program since it's beginning and I can't tell you how many times I have asked questions from Sam in the xlt rooms and via email to get no answers except one smart ass answer from Sam Seiden himself. Since then I have noticed that most of the ota instructors are very arrogant. Personally I don't pay to be treated this way and I hope nobody rewards there bad behaviour with cash. The original xlt instructors where great, Rob & Fernando where real gent's.

    If you want info from sam go get it for free from FX Street, he does webinares there and writes articles.

  5. Which of you three guys have the same I.P. address? :mad:
  6. That would almost seem like a shill post if you didn't register 4 years ago :eek:

  7. Ha ha, yeah a bit strange, but one gave a +ve review and the other a -ve.

    I must say that the Sam Seiden webinars on FX Street are really very good.

    But what benefits do you actually get from paying a lot of cash to join the XLT track over watching the free webinars and are those benefits worth the money?

    Can any XLT members maybe answer that one?