XLNX and semis

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  1. Since October the semis have reported very weak numbers and it continues. Have these stocks seen their glory days or will they be posting 20 to 30% revenue growth again next year? Here is the good news from XLNX>

    Xilinx said sales for its fiscal third quarter are expected to rise between 4 and 8 percent from the prior quarter. It had previously forecast an increase of 1 to 5 percent.

    The revised outlook, issued after the stock market's close, pushed Xilinx shares up 2.5 percent to $27.15 in after-hours trading. The stock fell 1.85 percent to $26.48 in regular Nasdaq trading.

    The company had been expected to post revenue of just over $412 million in the third quarter, up about 3 percent from $398.9 million in the second quarter.
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    Market dealt with the gap up on the fantastic news.