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  1. I'm thinking it gets to 13.50. What do you think?

  2. Bob111


    i think buying\selling something based on opinion of others or because you personally like the number is a pretty bad idea..ask guys,who bought yesterday's reversal..or IWM @ 78

    imo-ability to draw a horisontal line on the chart is not enough to make the money > 50% of the time
  3. Wow!

    I didn't think it would get there in one day!

  4. Bob111


    at least try to stick with the plan..13 .69 is not exactly 13.5..make sure you have your target\exit and stop..
  5. It hit 13.46 after hours.
  6. Bob111


    here is your number..good luck!
  7. Wow! This thing was down 10% intraday. IB shows a short sale restriction on it until after close tomorrow.

    I bought in a little today.
  8. If it's hard to borrow, why don't you try buying at a discount via the synthetic? Might even be able to get the $12 synthetic at a credit.