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  1. From 1st November XLF (un leveraged ETF) fell from around 16 to 9 . (say around 45%)
    UYG (Double or 3X?) Leveraged ETF cousin which has been around for more than 1 year fell from 10.3 to 3.3
    (around 75%)
    New 3X Finacial Bull ETF from Direction FAS (since Nov1st with good volume) fell from around 56 to 9!!!
    I trade UYG and FAS for the last 3-4 weeks. UYG have to trade 1-2 k minimum to elk out profits ( recent range 30 to 40c intraday)
    FAS (Triple the investment ,intraday trades $.8-$1.5 range .)
    BAC,C,WFC,USB (Russel 1000 Finacial index in FAS) apart from GS form the lions share of the index .
    There is a fear in holding them long term as the first mentioned three names become nationalised and become FNM,FRE,AIG like?
    Just trading the range with trading FAZ for the bearish angle.
    your strategies welcome!
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  2. adding other charts
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