xlf bout to splode

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by billyjoerob, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. the spring is winded very tight but i am not so sure the direction is upward. buying some strangles (dec 14p 15c)
  2. Most of these stocks are below tangible book,C and BAC, for instance, altho I trust C more than BAC. The decline from $38 to $5 was, I submit, a tad overdone. The return to book value is being obstructed by overhead sellers and gov't selling (in C). And with credit markets doing well, so should the banks . . . The whole foreclosure crisis is being faked by journalists & lawyers, the only foreclosure crisis are the squatters who can't pay the mortgage. They don't deserve more rent-free months in the bank's house. Everybody is negative on the banks, I don't see how the combination of valuation, chart, QE2, and calendar doesn't take these higher.
  3. Fakeout or breakout?