XLE & market correlations

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by J-Law, Jan 18, 2010.

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    XLE is linked to crude & of course the oil patch. If crude were to rally yet at the same time the S&P were to sell off. Thus, two opposing currents, which of the two would be the predominant influence over the direction of XLE?

    Also, historically has the price of WTI in the past trumped US equities movements in dictating XLE's direction or vice versa ?


  2. I'd involve UNG & USO in your studies as well..there are divergences to be found
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    Asking the question b/c contrary to chatter in media. crude runs in the spring just about every year just like the way birds fly south for winter every season.

    A snag in the trade being long XLE is if they crack the Spoos..
    Will they take down the sector & the ETF even if crude is strong?
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  5. looking like hugh short set up for UNG if you ask me
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    UNG has moved in opposite direction of oil for most of last year. I do not see that changing in the near future. I do believe oil is about to sell off judging by the recent price action.

    However, UNG has found good horizontal support with the 1/11/10 low. That level will be critical for holding up prices in the near term. I would be a buyer of UNG with a price break above the 1/14/10 high.

    As far as XLE goes, It does not look too healthy either. It formed a 2B top on 1/11/10 and is set to confirm the top.