XIV is going to rocket tomorrow.

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by pistolpt, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Now that the market is closed on 11/27 I'll let you know -
    BIG BIG gain in this thing tomorrow (11/28/2012). Should be a huge number at the open. Where it goes from there we will see.
  2. Based on???
  3. gkishot


    Gut feeling.
  4. Sundog


    Same gut feeling.
    Gonna buy some put tomorrow, trading in Europe. Nikkei and Dax quite overextended to the US.

    A correction is overdue anyway.

    Have fun.
  5. XIV rocketing would imply a huge rally. It's the opposite of VIX, hence the letters.
  6. Sundog


    Upps, little hiccup. Thanx Trefoil. :)

    Well, I am negative minded since 2 days. At least I´d like to have some proctection in place for my portfolio.

    DAX , ESTX50 little negative this morning in Europe, but not too bad.
    Nikkei with bigger correction at the moment -1.2%.

    Waiting for the US to open in about 5 hrs.

    If pistolpt is right, I would not mind, either.
  7. Really I was saying this to hedge my neutral stance. My program was 1 cent away from buying XIV at the close yesterday. Instead it stayed in cash.

    So if it rallied and I missed out at least I would be right somewhere :D
  8. Sundog


    Nikkei -1.8%. Brent Oil and Gold down more than a 1 percent, too .
    Let´s see if the US gonna shrug it off.
  9. Down 1.97% twenty minutes before the open.
  10. FLAME em Boys!!!:cool:
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