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  1. ...mate of mine, setting himself up as an independent options market-maker, has just bought a whole config... top shelf stuff..

    any experience anybody? http://www.xicomputer.com/
  2. I priced one to an equally configured Dell 9200, and Xi's was about twice the price. You'll have to judge whether it's worth $2X.
  3. Would you buy from a seller that uses a 1999 review to get attention on RAID systems @ its main site?
  4. thanks gnome, i'll ask my mate to provide the details of the actual config, since he intends to purchase a back-up config in a month or so once he's all set... reason i asked is i'd never heard of them before
  5. Some components are better than others, but lots are run-of-the mill... generic, even. No sense paying a high price on that stuff.
  6. here goes:

    Intel® Core®2 Quad @ 3.2GHz Silent Water cooled, 1066DDR2
    Xi® MTower™ PCIe Workstation (Base Configuration) $1,039.00
    Upgrades And Options:
    Intel® Core®2 Extreme QX6850 OverClocked Silent Water Cooling @+-3.30GHz-1333FSB 8196KB L2 Cache Quad-Core VT EM64T (req. 680i MoBo)
    4096MB DDR2 800MHz PC2-6400 4x1024 Dual Rank Interleave
    2 x nVidia® Quadro NVS 440 256MB PCIe x16 Quad Head DVI or VGA (req. 2xPCIe 16x MoBo)
    No Monitor
    250GB 7200RPM SATAII 300MB/s 16MB Cache 9ms
    Optional 250GB 7200RPM SATAII 300MB/s 16MB Cache 9ms
    HD Ctrl. According To Motherboard and HD Type Selected
    RAIDMode 1 Redundancy/Mirroring RAID (IDE or SCSI Ctrl.Requires 2x identical HD)
    DVD+RW/DL/+R-R/CD-RW Double Media 4.7/8.5GB 18x w/Software & media
    AC'97 Codec On-Board Sound
    Intel® PRO1000 GT 1Gbit Copper Desktop Net.Card
    Logitech® Deluxe Black Windows Keyboard
    Logitech® MX™ 518 1600 dpi Corded Optical Mouse 5 Buttons
    Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional CD-ROM w/manuals/act.reg.** SP2
    Resource CD - contains Diagnostic links & Drivers
    Quick Reference Guide and @Xi Computer Manual (PDF)
    File System: NTFS File System selected
    Nvidia® nForce 680i SLI 3xPCIe 16x DDR2 800 to 1200-2x1Gb Ethernet-6xSATA3Gb-RAID 0/1/5-Firewire1394-8CH Digital Audio
    850W OCZ GameXStream™ Quiet 12cm BB Fan PowerWhisper™ UL @Xi Computer Corp.,
    Total of 3 Years System HW Warranty w/Express Advance Parts Replacement, P&L. FOB Xi
    Xi® MTower™ Alum.2x12cm Quiet Fans-Front Grid-2x Front USB+1394-MatrixVX™ VD3000BWA Tt™ -4x 5 1/4" 6x 3 1/2"
  7. can handle 8 screens (2 cards handling 4 screens each)... thats what he wants...
  8. any quotes?
  9. Just about any modern computer with AGP or PCIE slot + PCI can handle that on WinXP.
  10. "Gaming Workstations" hehehehe how ironic
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