XFL is coming back... maybe - NFL screwed up large

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    The XFL might be coming back.
    This might teach the owners what idiots they are.
    San Diego will welcome the XFL.
    While many in San Diego think the chargers owner is an idiot.
    This might be what it takes for him to actually lose money due to moving to L.A.


    Nearly seventeen years ago, WWE President Vince McMahon saw a vision of his come to life. The career athlete-entertainer fielded a league full of irreverent and entertainment-driven football teams, known more for their charisma and how much fun they were having, as opposed to their skill.

    While that experiment failed, then, with the NFL squandering its goodwill among the American sports fan at a frightening rate; the time may be right for McMahon to revive his unique football vision.

    And it appears, he’s going to do just that.

    McMahon has established a new company, separate from the WWE, called Alpha Entertainment. On December 16th, Alpha Entertainment filed for five new trademarks related to the XFL, the title of McMahon’s football league that he founded in 2001.

    According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, “The filings seek to trademark the XFL as a professional football league and also cover merchandise related to the league. Previous XFL trademarks were abandoned over a period of time from 2002 to ’05.”

    Moreover, McMahon has backed this effort with significant amounts of cash. Rovell also reported that McMahon sold 3.34 million in WWE stock worth about $100 million. The money from those stock sales will go to fund Alpha Entertainment.

    Any XFL reboot would also benefit significantly from the “bully pulpit” they would have in President Trump. The president has ripped the NFL over the anthem protests, and criticized the league as much as any chief executive has ever criticized a sports league. Meaning, that any rival football league would almost assuredly be backed by the full faith and credit of the most powerful Twitter account in the world.

    A few tweets and public shows of support from Trump, would amount to tens of millions of free advertising for the new league.

    Reporter Brad Shepard said that McMahon might make an announcement about the new league on January 25, 2018. At the rate things are progressing, McMahon is on track to do precisely that.
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    Baltimore Ravens President Begs Fans To Return

    The team’s President Dick Cass, sent a letter to supporters revealing some challenges the team has faced in 2017. The letter was initially sent to season-ticket holders, suite holders, and sponsors about the "noticeable" no-shows at recent home games.

    “We have had significant numbers of no-shows in the past when our play on the field has not met the high standard we and you have set for the Ravens. But this year has been different. The numbers are higher, and it is noticeable. There are a number of reasons for the no-shows, but surely the one-time protest in London has been a factor,” the letter reads.

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    I hope he does it. I'd check it out.
  4. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    While Vince is taking out 100 million for possibly starting a new league 1,just 1, NFL team is about to sell for 2.5 billion or more
  5. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    Nobody would be interested in this garbage after a few weeks.The XFL had former high school players who couldn't even make it in Division 2 ball starting in their league.I personally knew such a player.
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    maybe. but this time there are millions of fans who were alienated and millions more looking to teach the NFL a lesson. A few idiots just opened up a tremendous competitive opportunity. This time it my not be about talent on the field. It might be about fun and patriotism.

    I will bet you this. kap wont be owning a team with diddy. the nfl could not be that dumb now. could they?

  7. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    Even if he had the money I doubt the owners would let a buffoon like diddy own a team
  8. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    They can watch college football and the players are still more talented than XFL players.
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    White Trash and Booger Pickers. Good luck selling commercial time..Maybe spike tv or the hunting channel will pick up the rights...Pat Robertson and Falwell I'm sure are in on a franchise.
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    I don't know the AFL got the job done. It will depend on the execution.
    If it resembles the WWE you are correct.
    If it is done seriously the the opportunity for a few teams to thrive and then be brought into the NFL for cheap is there.

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