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  1. robob



    I am French and I apologize for my bad English.

    I'm looking for all broker to trade on the German stock market (Xetra) with automated trading possibility (API, VBA or DDE).

    This is to do Day-trading on the DAX 30 stocks with my own programs.

    I'm working with IB but the german fees are too expensive (29€ for a 50 000 € order).
    For example, Directa have good fees but does not allow automated trading.
    Some German broker, like Flatex look like interesting but they are only in German (if you can read my english, i'm not sure you can read my german :D ).

    any idea ?
  2. cosmic


    bonjour :)

    dont know much about their API, but be sure to give Sino a call, they cater high volume stock traders in Germany.


    au revoir!
  3. robob


    thank you for your answer.

    If i understand their fees (i use Google to translate :( ) , for 300 orders traded by month there is a 15 € flatfee. I suppose Deutsche Börse commission and clearing are not included : for a trade value 50 000 €, total fees are 15 + 2.52 + 1.05 = 18.57 €. That's better than Interactive-brokers but Directa have 7.57 € for the same volume (but no possibility for automate trading).

    anything else ?
  4. robob


    My dream, IB TWS platform and Directa fees in the same broker :D ...
  5. robob


    anyone know whether it's possible to automate orders with Flatex.de ?
  6. FGBL07


    Why don't you ask them? Write an email - in English. Usually no problem.
  7. robob


    I have already done. They told me in German that they would be happy to respond to a German spoken e-mail .:D
    But their fees are interesting.
  8. FGBL07


    That's bad politics - I would stay away from them. What do you do when there are problems?

    If you have not already done so: On their homepage click on "Preise & Vergleiche", scroll down to the bottom; there you will find a "Gebührenrechner" = fee calculator.

    Select "Vergleich einer Aktienorder auf XETRA", enter your average size per order and the number of orders per year.

    Do the fees still look favorable?
  9. CBuster


    I'm sure you've thought about this, but I would definitely not sign up with a broker that doesn't speak my native language, or at least a language I am familiar with.

    This is especially the case when you are automating as, invariably, you will need some tech support at some stage.

    I have been setting up an automated system and am in frequent contact over little things with my broker. It would be massively frustrating if I had to stuggle to make myself understood.

    All that said, please do let me know if you find a decent and cheap Xetra retail broker for automation. I couldn't find anything suitable when I looked and we ended up going down the institutional route.
  10. robob


    I work with IB and i had only phone them for opening the account. I use the IB chat or the forum for my question. However, I have someone who speaks French in urgent case .:)

    But my first problem is finding a cheap broker (day-trading), then the possibility to use my automated system. I will always find someone to speak French then.
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