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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by babaorum, Jun 4, 2002.

  1. babaorum


    Hi all,
    I'm planning to trade German Xetra Dax via IB.
    However, I'm not sure at all of what type of german market IB provides.
    As far as I understand german market(I only traded French and US markets until now), Dax stocks like Siemens, Adidas, etc.. trade on both FrankFort and Xetra markets.
    Concerning volumes of Dax stocks, Frankfort is a very little market comparing to Xetra so active traders prefer trading on Xetra.
    Is this correct ?
    After a long discussion with an IB representative on the IB Chat, it is still doesn't clear at all in my mind whether IB provides access to FrankFort or to Xetra market.
    Actually, from the different real-time quotes he gave me, it seems that it is Frankfort market that IB provides.
    I can't imagine that IB doesn't give access to Xetra.
    Anyone who trade Xetra via IB could clarify this ?
  2. patrick


    Via IB you can only trade Xetra. Frankfurt is not offered for stocks.

  3. hi

    u definetly can trade xetra. some months ago that was the only german exchange they offered.
    there´s nothing at their HP that u can trade Frankfurt as well, but if u type DCX in TWS u can also see DCX EUR FWB or sth like that. FWB stands for Frankfurter Wertpapier Börse. So it´s probably a new feature

  4. you cannot trade Frankfurt - and that is good
    because FWB is the ultimate bulls**t. full stop.
    market makers stealing from small private clients.
    xetra is excellent. no institutional would ever trade via FWB.
  5. morse


    I have been trading the DAX future with IB but I am moving from them as their customer service is absolutely CRAP!!!:mad:
  6. lundy


    i love those 1 post only members who say "ABC service is crap"

  7. Fitz


    So what happen? Would like to hear the specifics.