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  1. destined


    Is there any major difference in these two?
    Would one be better than the other for a trading setup?
  2. gnome


    Xeons are more expensive and designed more for server applications. As a P4 has more than enough horsepower for all but the most demanding number crunching setups, go with P4 and save yourself some money.

    What's most important is #1, Operating System (Win2K or XP) and #2, adequate RAM... 512MB minimum.
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    Thanks gnome
  4. Don't forget the limiting factor.......Broadband vs. dial-up...but we assume he has broadband...

    Michael B.

  5. nitro


    P4 Xeons have the following advantages over regular P4's:

    1) you cannot use multiple P4's in a dual (or more) processor motherboard - you need Xeons or Xeon MP's.

    2) You cannot buy P4's with the massive L2 cache some Xeon's have.

    As to the effect they would have on _your_ trading, the answer depends, but generally if you have to ask how they would be to your advantage, the answer is they would not help _you_.

    FWIW, _I_ could easily gobble all the processing power of a Quad 3.2 Ghz Xeon MP machine.

  6. oh i'm sure.. i doubt cray has anything powerful enuf for your needs

    ps. still paper trading?
  7. then look into this awesome configuration....

  8. Nitro,

    Do you know if the Xeon's are hyperthreaded?
  9. nitro


    I am impressed with the level of attention to detail not only on the machine, but on the handsome website.

    The thing about this machine is - why not make a machine with the same specs as this one, but have it be a dualprocessor board machine?

    You see, my guess is that this machine is catered more the gaming world than the business world. I do not know much about the way games are written, but this probably where this kind of machine shines.

    On the business side, for a little more money(~ $10,000), it is possible to build a Quad Xeon MP machine. This machine would run rings around the L machine you show at business type computations.

  10. nitro


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