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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by duard, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. duard


    New Rig:

    Nvidia256mb dualDVI
    4 gb 667mhz
    gigabite ethernet
    dual 21" samsung's
    Stripped single 10k HD
    XP Pro

    wicked fast!!!
  2. What's something like that set you back?
  3. duard


    2k for the workstation and $375 ea for the samsung monitors plus tax.
  4. how does one go about stripping a single HD? :confused:
  5. bighog

    bighog Guest

    Can not be done. I noticed that also... :cool:

    WD 10k raptor are nice though, bought one a while ago to warm up older pc.

    New box will either be a single sas scsi 15k or 2 of those WD raptors set up in RAID-0.

    Question: Raid cards for pci-e x16? Will need a motherboard with 2 x16 slots, one for video card and one for the raid card if a card in a slot like that would be faster than in another slot.

    any suggestions? Thks

    looking at this mobo..........ASUS, P5W64 wall Street Quartet Professional
  6. imho check out performance bench marks for sataii raid on mb. might be the best bang for the buck
  7. duard


    Stripped as in Strippers like at the office with the little feathers on their as#. Sorry not RAID striping, but a stripped HD in that I did a clean install with XP Pro no other junk.

    Yeah my older box has SCSI HD but the SATA HD are faster than they used to be and I had to save some money somewhere. I can get dual raptors get a raid card and go raid 0 if I need more HD speed with this motherboard. (DELL)

    I'll let ya'll know how this performs side to side with my older box.
  8. duard


    Still haven't loaded my cpu intensive algorithms on the new box and done a side by side comparison. But will post when I get it done.
  9. bighog

    bighog Guest

    Yes, i keep thinking a Raid-0 setup with 2 small 36g WD raptors 10k drives rather than 1 15k sas scsi.

    For a order entry machine or even as a charting machine 2 36g drives will be plenty. The older IBM intellistation scsi drive at 18g was always just fine. Big hard drives are for pictures and stuff like that, not for my style of trading.
  10. if your algorithms ever have to access the HD you probably should redesign it a bit. buy extra ram instead.
    #10     Dec 14, 2006