xbox or ps2

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  1. i know this has nothing to do with trading , but who cares....... its CHRISTMAS SEASON !!!

    so whats better------- xbox or play station 2 ??????????????
  2. ps2 for racing games. is this right?:)
  3. xbox minus the fat controller !
  4. PS2 has edge on overall gaming. If you liked Nintendo or PS1, this is better.

    XBox has edge with Online Games. If you liked PC Games then this is better.
  5. xbox = technically, a more powerful system than ps2.

    ps2 = came out before xbox. has more games, at this point.

    it really depends....if you want the best graphics, but not as many games, get an xbox. if you want a decent system with a lot of games, get a ps2. if you want to play metroid prime and the new zelda game, get gamecube.
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    X Box is great to have at the office. I rather beat a fellow trader at Madden Football than trade with the MM and Specialist durin g the thin lunch trade.
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    But there's only one game I care about in the world and it's not made for XBox...SSX! :)
  8. by the way, does anybody know if you can play against someone else online ??(while youre at your house and they are at theirs) ive heard something about this but dont know if it was just hoop-la b.s. !
  9. SSX tricky is on xbox
  10. It's out there... still need some time to get this going on gaming machine... quite a few on PC. XBOX is going to use the already existing as their portal for online gaming with XBOX. PS2 doesn't have much towards that and expects each software vendor to have their own server.
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