xauusd or gc?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by schzongx, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. schzongx


    I know xauusd is a spot product and the other futures. my question is which one of them is more liquid and traded amongst PM trader.

    One other thing I would like to ask, does QC carry the same volume as GC even though it's smaller?

    I'm currently building my knowledge base on futures trading and I pick the ones I would like to study (i.e trading demo, not back testing). PM, as I believe, is where people put their trust over paper so I would like to dig more into it IMHO. experience from the elders in PM world are most appreciated.

  2. edpolton


    There is plenty of liquidity in GC. I can't speak to xau/usd.

    They track each other very closely but GC seems to overshoot S/R more often. It seems that GC has been leading the past few weeks.

    I keep charts of both right next to each other when trading. I trade GC but use xau/usd for charts longer then a day or two because of the price decay.

    Keep away from ZG - it is dying.
  3. inet


    Where can you get the xau/usd chart?

  4. PaulRon


    I trade xau/usd and there's no problem with liquidity... the spreads do change though depending on the time of day so you have to be aware of that
  5. sorry for my being a little confused here

    I am used to XAU as the amex pm mining index
    however I am assuming the -xauusd- being referred to here
    is a reference point for spot gold trading via some forex broker that offers this as well as all the majpr pairs

    what kind of spread is offered typically for xau - usd ?

    50 cents ? that is not so great compared to futures

    even mini futures have a tighter spread than that

    however sometimes that 50 cents spread ( xau- usd ) is good too if one uses smaller leverage and pick his or her levels
  6. edpolton


    You can get free real-time charts from netdania.com, or you can get a paper trading account from Oanda and they will give you realtime charts.

    I am sure there are plenty of other places but that is what I use.
  7. schzongx


    yes, I noticed ZG look pale in comparison with GC, correct me if I'm wrong though.

    there are plenty fx brokers that offer free xauusd chart. go to fxpro, oanda, fxcm and many other sites.

    I didn't mean that I'll get into liquidity problem in terms of getting in or out of a position, surely both of them are liquid. it's that I want to know which one of them is more liquid. I demo-ed IB for GC and XAUUSD on a forex broker but the problem is I couldn't get liquidity information on GC when using demo version of IB. by spread change, what time of day does it usually change? I see a fixed 50 spread on fxpro XAUUSD.

    Yes, I meant XAUUSD as in fx brokers' spot gold. so what's the spread like in the futures market for GC?
  8. schzongx


    I’ve decided to trade XAU/USD over QO because the margin is lower and the leverage is bigger. Thanks for the help guys especially for SethArb and PaulRon. Paul I enjoyed the thread “Gold’s action” and I frequent it.

    More bling to you, guys!