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  1. While checking gold and silver prices I see that the XAU has broken to multi month lows and is headed near the Aug 12 lows, yet gold and silver are very strong, any ideas on what this indicates. When I search I can find articles back to 2011 that have opinions that are all over the map and looking back were very bad advice.
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    well i see several problems /opportunities.

    [1] Gold is not silver, not anywhere close.

    [2] Gold mining/stocks are not gold ,, not anywhere close.....

    Poplar index, just dont try to use it for something it was never intended to do[DOES NOT mirror spot gold prices or mirror spot silver prices.]

    View this last statement as help;
    when anyone [me 2, been there done that]buttons a vest starting with the wrong button ;; that never works, START AGAIN. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

    Gold & silver are a short term sells/late sell, now.;
    gold + silver are medium , long term uptrends, good uptrends:cool: