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  1. I'm just going off of the other thread here about OpenTick. How much per month is colocation at Xasax? I tried calling their sales desk at 4:30 today, and no one picked up.

    (Seriously. 4:30PM EST? After the close? Who runs a business where they don't answer the phone at 4:30?)

    What kind of rates are we looking at, and can I scale my cost to my usage and add more services over time?
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    Look at generic colo rates for your specs (ie 42u cabinet with dedicated 100mbit), then add a hefty premium.
  3. The quotes I heard are in the 4000 - 6000 range (month)

    Personally, I would not recommend them, sorry to say that.
  4. I don't know anything about the company you mentioned, other than whats on their website but I found this when searching for Chicago based hosting:


    May be worth investigating.....

  5. I'd be happy with e-signal and retail/home setups, if I could just get exchange time stamps on the quotes and time of sale. E-signal only goes to second-level resolution. I wish they'd preserve the exchange time stamps on messages so I could backtest correctly.

    I called Xasax. They can get you on a minamlist setup for around 3k a month -- $800 per order placement point, $300 for rack-colo, and $2100 for their xsFeed. 5k/mo if you want NYSE OpenBook Ultra, etc.

    It's actually not a bad price, I may give them a test run. Perhaps around the December/January time frame.
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    Do not do any critical business with fdcservers.net. They're a "value" hosting provider and offer unmetered servers on oversold bandwidth and the support is pretty bad. Then again, you can't argue for that price. (and yes, I've had some servers there).

    If you need a quality dedicated server or a colo datacenter, PM me, I can recommend a few in Chicago, Dallas, and NJ.
  7. What I need is a data-collection setup that can archive and track information coming out of NYSE OpenBook Ultra or NASDAQ ITCH. A pure feed, sort of what like they have over at NYSE, but for $750 a month on their FTP data. A lot of data providers filter/modify and adjust the original source data, or collapse the data into a format that loses information from the original, attributable information that was sent in the original UDP datagrams that came out of the exchange.

    If someone wants to resell me a slot on their network for a passive multi-cast listener for a reasonable price, I'm all ears.
  8. Thanks for the info, thats good to know. I sort of suspected that was the case given the price.

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    What solution(s) would you recommend over Xasax?

    I thought that Xasax was pretty generous for offering data for free through OpenTick (for as long as it lasted, that is), but other than that I know very little about them.
  10. OpenTick did not care at all about their users.

    Since Xasax is operated by much the same people I would expect same behavior (no matter how much they make you pay).
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