xag/usd is about to blow up

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  1. Reading up on the possibilities of silver to USD I would have to say its gonna be one of the best places to put your money at the moment. For one i have read in a few places that silver may be a key component in treatments for coronavirus.
    ag (silver) has often been used in medicine before and not to go too deep into the science of what is going on with this treatment in the from of sliver sulfadiazne can be applied to assist with treatment. So there are huge upside potential for this metal coupled with the fact that the USD is doing really well at the moment.
    My final big tip for this stock is that the precious metal market will always do well in times of chrisis, people looking to consolidate thier wealth to accommodate the danger of a financial collapse. Which will be activly pushing up the price for the next few months but development of these drugs will involve the use of silver, which will them be distributed to half of the world, this could involve unvelivavle upsides with this investment, i've already put 45% of my liquid assests into this and I'm considering putting in even more.
    What do you guys think?
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    No, no no. I have heard of this silver shit, and that was an antibiotic thing. Like the zinc craze sweeping the nation. Snake oil.

    And what stock are you talking about?

  3. How is it people like
    You always notice after such things are up 50% already?


    not that i disagree because ive been long silver but just wondering how such timing always happens
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    Go all in or go home! 45% is not enough, have you got 110% for an 'unvelivavle upside' on
    'sliver sulfadiazne'? :)
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    Your brain is blank if you still haven't figured it out, duh. LOL. "systematictrader" - LMAO. :)
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    you have stated a fundamental reason for the trade........fundamentals may be ignored by the market for long periods so i would not advice you to add unless you can hold for a year or two.

    for all you know there may a glut of silver in stock so until the slack is taken up silver will not go up.

    i think that it is going down to 14 at the very least and may be even 11
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    https://www.tradingview.com/x/nibLOdHQ/......this chart clearly shows that the last fall on high momentum needs to be tested and it may be a low momentum test...before it can have a SUSTAINABLE UPMOVE.
    it has been in a range for more than 10 years so some failed breakouts from this range will first HAVE TO HAPPEN before the bulls will commit big capital.

    you have committed big capital too early........others will not be so confident so you will have to wait for 2-6 years before any joy comes
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