X_Trader vs InfinityAT?

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  1. I'm looking for stable, fast software without forking over a big monthly fee. I'm looking at Velocity and Infinity. Is one support better than the other? As far as the software goes which is better for mild scalping? I would like the package to include decent charting as well. I don't want to buy and run multiple programs to serve my purposes.

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    You can try to test dorman cts t4 (approx 5 mb)

    This is with charge ,alsov as X-trader (depend from delay
    0 millisec or 200 millisec &)

    Author opinion Infinity AT is better as X-trader as downloading volume is lower as X-trader 40+ mb
    Stability is worster with great volume of downloading .

    But this comparsion not included the fact ,that X-trader can be without delay .By some tactic and for operator ,which placed near exchange that would be advantage .

    Your respectfully
  3. Does Infinity have an order minimum per month?

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    Does Infinity have an order minimum per month?

    They offer customization for client .Contact and ask ...

    With low volume price would more high ...

    But this effect alsov by multiple another broker's

  5. Do a search as this has been covered but in short order.

    It's TransAct platform not Infinity's. I use and it's good. Yes I used X Trader basic too. X Trader is good and maybe a milliseconds faster. I haved used TT in 2 years though so alot has changed. TA offers inhouse software, a plus, that has built in mulit step trailing stops, but it may be milliseconds slower than X Trader. Unless you are 3 tick scalping it won't matter. The fact that TA is inhouse is big. No finger pointing if their is problem, although X Trader is rock solid last time I used it. Lastlly you can either go through an IB, like the one you mentioned, and pay no platform fee, or pay one and get dirt cheap commish. I believe Infinity will beat Velocity's rate as X Trader believes they can charge big $$ to use their platform. If you trade more than one exchange on X Trader you have to pay big $$ for that additional exchange not so with TA. Good luck.
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    although X Trader is rock solid last time I used it.

    ... ?

    1. It very great volume of downloading ,it can be not rock solid
    2.Operator asked about minimum volume ,with high chance he
    is not interessed for X-TRader .

    3. AT platform offered from different broker's ,They alsov offer different clearing capabiltiy .Thema was disscussed before ...

    Your respectfully ....

    P.S. you wrote ...It's TransAct platform
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    I like Infinity myself. No monthly minimums, and it integrates effortlessly with Sierra charts, and/or Infinity charts :)

  8. 1) you don't know what you wrote; if you really have at least couple of years tru 6.x and 7.x releases , you should know it's quite reliable and fast even during high volume conditions mkts.

    2) with Velocity there is no minimum volume quotas w/ X_Trader basic.
  9. Does either one have any problems keeping up in high volume, fast moves?

    I was leaning towards Inifinity because their commissions will be less even though I'll have to pay a little for charting.

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    Dear Sir

    X-trader need more volume of downloading in any version as
    infinity AT .More as 40 mb

    Great volume of downloading is source of instability .

    Before make this art of stament you must try ask referral fee
    from TT for adv. of X-trader on ET

    Infinity AT is alsov not ideal ,but have lover volume of downloading as X-trader .
    TRademaven is stable as need not .net ,but he have problem with PATS

    Your respectfully
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