X_Trader VS. CQG Trader

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    I currently use X_Trader and love it, the speed at which it operates is amazing.

    I have been offered a great rate to switch to CQG trader (not IC) and want to know if anyone has used both and how the speed in CQG Trader compares to X_Trader?

    The monthly cost does not matter in this instance nor does charting.

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  2. I have limited experience with it, and honestly I'd rather use ninja over cqg trader. CQG charting is great, order entry is sort of "meh", this was like 2 years ago I'm not sure about nowadays.
  3. I use x-trader and have recently used cqg.

    CQG will lag x-trader. End of story.

    In active moments cqg will halt for a split second and x-trader will keep on jumping like nothing happend.
  4. Ninjatrader, also called craptrader is bullshit compared to CQG and X-trader. Ninjatrader is for kids, x-trader for traders.
  5. What end of story?

    Never seen a lag on CQG Trader

    Yesterday after unemplyoment data zenfire was lagging and freezing while CQG was perfect

    Please show us a video with the comparision of both Xtrader and CQG
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    Some places in the world it's actually the other way around.
  7. what brokers support CQG Trader?
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