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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by romik, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. romik


    Before I ask the Q, I must point out that I do not have any IT background, just a basic understanding.

    I am using X_trader platform trading ES. How can I know whether my broker provides best order execution speed, is it possible that another brokerage firm's better IT department is offering the same platform and achieving faster fills? I need it to be as fast as possible.

    Also, I use 2meg broadband, would T1 improve the speed of fills?
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  2. I am trading the same as you with the same platform. I don't think you will find any faster. If you can get your hands on X Trader version 7, so much the better. In fact, if you go to somewhere else another dome let's say it will probably be slower.

    You might consider getting a dual wan router from Edimax or Hotbrick. You can then bond a dsl to a cable modem connection to get doulble the speed. Plus auto failover if one of them goes down. Do some research I am just begining. Some people are down on them on this forum, but I like what I have read. Don't buy a cheap one, like Hawking.

    I came from telecom before day trading. T-1 is 1.54 meg up and down. Cable and residential DSL is 2 meg plus down and usuall 256k up capped by the ISP. I wouldn't go T-1 it isn't cost effective, about $450 or more for a T-1 plus install normally.

    Also remember this you are trading, probably from home like me, when everyone else is not in your neighborhood because they are at the office, therefore speed shouldn't be a problem.

    Best of luck to you.
  3. romik


    How many contracts do you trade via X_Trader and how long does it take, quickest and slowest, to get filled during higher volume times in your case?

    I am not suggesting using another dome, another broker. U see I don't really understand whether broker's equipment has anything to do with actual speed of fills, are u with me?

    I am based in the UK, when your neighbours are in the office, mine are about to get back from the office and switch their PCs on.
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  4. esmjb


    in your audit trail you can find out how long it took for your order to be entered, executed and returned so that you can see that it has been executed. then you can feign interest in setting up an account at some other broker and ask to speak to their IT department and ask them to show you how long it takes their orders to do the same and compare. depending on your trading style their can be huge differences in speed from milliseconds to several whole seconds.
  5. Opra


    Is it true that DSL is dedicated line, thus not affected by what your neighbors are doing, whereas cable connection is shared?

    Thanks in advance.
  6. JayS


    Thats true but my cable (even under heavy use by neighbors) is at the least twice as fast as my dsl.
  7. romik


    u should always look at commission/platform fee/amount of contracts u trade. U can get it for $500 with VF and about $3.75 commission. What did PF offer u in respect of commission?
  8. Jay, that is not true with residential grade DSL, known as ADSL. Read the fine print. I live in Denver, Qwest says up to 5 Meg, that's because it is shared with your neighbors just like cable. If you get business grade SDSL you may get guranteed speed and the up/down speed should be the same.

    I use velocity for X Trader and I am fairly happy with them. I wish they would go to X Trader 7 though.
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    a 5 mb line may be no quicker than a 2 mb line.

    the number just says how much you can cram down there - nothing to do with the speed. its more a question of how wide than how fast.

    i have an 8mb line and it is no better speed wise than when i was on 0.5mb. the only difference i notice is when i am downloading stuff
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