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  1. Strunz


    I need please some clarifications about the X_Trader Pro functionalities.

    Here is a practical example about what I would like to achieve:
    We suppose that the the Eurex Bund is at 113.80/ 113.81. My goal is to automatically send to the CBOT (new) Bund contract two limit orders such as a CBOT Bund 113.79 BUY LIMIT and a 113.82 SELL LIMIT.
    Therefore my CBOT Bund bid/ask spread has been increased by one tick vs. the actual Eurex Bund bid/ask.

    Naturally every time the Eurex Bund updates its prices even my order should 'bracket' instantaneously the same way following the above algorithm.

    Does this features exist in X_Trader Pro or in any other trading online platform or automated trading software ?

  2. nitro



    If not, this would be trivial to implement using a custom solution.


  3. Yes, that is the way xtrader pro works.
  4. Strunz


    Mark , thank you for your answer.
    - Is a feature available for all the exchanges/contracts?
    -Which is the name of this function ?Autospreading?Autotrading?
    -Is it possible to try an X_Trader Pro demo with Velocityfutures ?

  5. Yes it's available for all exchanges and all contracts.

    No demo is available for for xtrader pro. However, I can get you an upgrade free(only pay the regular TT cost) under the Eurex USA promotion if you would like to try it live. PM me if you are interested
  6. Strunz


    -Which is the name of this function ?Autospreading?Autotrading?
  7. Autospreader
  8. Gozar


    T.T. X-Trader has both a "Auto-Spreader" and "Auto-Trader" feature...they are quite different as Auto-Trader is more like a system development tool and Auto-Spreader is an automated spread tool that allows you to define the spread and then auto-execute it. One could develop a spread system on Auto-Trader and it would run like Auto-Spreader, there may be some advantages or disadvantages of doing it that way.
  9. Hi Mark,

    Interested in the trailing stop functionality (I think) X Trader Pro has. Are there any salient details on this?
  10. There is an add on called OCO (order cancel order) that lets you trail stops and set limits at the same time.

    We have it available on the regular xtrader platform for no charge.

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