X_Trader and ADSL

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dont, Mar 10, 2005.

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    Has anyone else had a problem loading X_Trader with ADSL. When I load the software it bombs my adsl connection!
  2. I trade some economic releases from home at times and it works fine.
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    Seems its my PPPoE software takes control of all the network setting and makes them all the same. This then confilcts with X_Trader in some way. I am running win2000 I belive XP has its own PPPoE software. going to upgrade and see if that works. I thought I saw something about X_Trader not working with XP though?
  4. How long have you been running TT? Have you called them? I have adsl but trade the overnite on EUREX. I have gotten two wholy seperate dsl connecs...one for charts and porn, one for the tick machine. I reccomend that setup, w/windows NT on the tick machine. Success, CB
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    Just trying a demo. I am going to upgrade the OS to XP Professional. If that fails I will try a non USB modem
  6. There is a piece of software that you need to install to use PPPoE with X-Trader. It has been a while, so I don't remember much.

    XP will definitely work with X-Trader. That is what I use from home. Works fine.
  7. USB DSL modems have plenty of problems. You really should run everything over Ethernet. It also allows you to add switches, etc to distribute your connection and to even add a router with a firewall.
  8. Get the PPPoE login process off your CPU. If your modem has ethernet, get a $40 router and use that to do your DSL connecting. I have never seen a stable USB connected DSL connection ever. Do yourself the favor and get a router.

    Your PC will become much more stable. Plus, you'll have a built in pseudo firewall with using the NAT feature of the router.
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    Has anyone run TT on XP home? I have only run TT on a handful of programs (nt, 2000, and now xp pro). All the recommended ones!

    I just wonder what the difference would be running TT on XP home instead of xp pro. I only have XP pro. I looked at one of my nephews computers with xp home and it looks the same to me? Of course I know it is not. Someone enlighten me.

    FWIW, I have run TT from home from different Cable internet feeds NO PROBLEM. In Michigan and Illinois.
  10. It runs on XP Home. Not recommended though.
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