X_TRADER 7 releases charting software, FREE with X_TRADER

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  1. This could be interesting, order entry and charts all wrapped up in one. Tradestation is on my TO_DO list for coding some strats. This X_STUDY as the charting is called can be a nice backup since the charting is proclaimed to be part and parcel of the new X_TRADER 7 release. .....

  2. Yeah, I wish Velocity would get their butts in gear and get version 7. A number of other firms have had it for some time now.
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    interesting stuff.

    could this be in response to cqg offering execution with their charting?

    is there additional cost for this version?

    anyone have an opinion on who provides the better quotes - tt or cqg? (my gut tells me tt)

    will harris now put a patent on charting software? :eek:
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    TT should be charged $0.01 per candlestick by the company that holds the patent.
  5. X-STUDY is free for both version, but don't fool yourself, TT don't offer shit for free, i want to see FREE Auto-trader & spreader, not for extra $500-700 :mad:, for this reason i haven't touched it yet, because it's not in my budget

    XT Strd (two markets, no automation) $550
    XT pro (unlimited market, includ automation) $1250

    What TT plateform charges today, under 1% of non-prop future traders have chance of using it
  6. Who is the best broker running X -7?
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    50% of all futures volumes are going through TT.
  8. What "all futures volumes" has to do with number of traders and ET?

    Consider what % of traders have chance for using pro version?
  9. With out a doubt.
    But I am asking which are the good brokers running X-7
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