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  1. dac8555



    I went short...to my surprise it dropped off the face of the planet.

    i doubled up on the way down and bounced...what caused that crazy movement?
  2. blast19


    somebody UNLOADED on it...they needed/wanted to get out quick.
  3. They're selling sub-prime mortgages in addition to steel.
  4. You should switch to NUE. They only sell Alt A mortgages in addition to steel.
  5. X up 8% today on no news that I can see? Takeover? :confused:
  6. 11Blade


    Rumor - Thyssen-Krupp may buy X and Sevestal Steel and dump the subprime mortagage assets.
  7. Yeah, "leaked" rumor from a bank employee.

    It's very likely complete bullsh*t, as run ups like this prior to any real buyout announcement would completely ruin the deal. Someone just wanted to get out of a position or manipulate a move.
  8. Anyone short at 125 or bought puts? I don't know whether this or AAPL is more likely to plummet at the 125 level...
  9. Nice call.

  10. Thanks, I think it has more to give. Should be a nice down day for the DOW today(at least in the first half hour of trading)

    For the record, I thought AAPL was a good short at 100 and would be down a shitload on that( but would of been out before earnings). I say a close of 119 today and 115 on X
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